Who we are?

We are a multidisciplinary team of research consultants, experts on Market and Opinion Research within Latin America.

Each of us comes from different professional fields, exposed to different professional experiences; our work helps us understand the dynamics of the stakeholders within the diverse sectors of activity we work in.

What we offer?

  • At StatMark, adapting client-specific methodologies within the context of each market, guarantees their successful outcome, this being one of our strengths.

  • We offer and develop strategic solutions in marketing research, based on client-specific needs, supported by our expertise within the local context.

  • Based on our long-standing experience, we have developed proprietary research tools that have broken paradigms in the less researched areas, generating market knowledge based on strategies for our clients.

  • We seek to probe deep into people's minds to understand motivations, tastes and habits associated to purchase decisions. Understanding this process is more a subtle art than a formula and, in StatMark, we provide a group of creative minds, focused into interpreting behaviors into marketing insights as support to your business decisions.

  • Quantitative research provides market dimensions, consumer and stakeholder understanding as support for decision making. We conduct quantitative research adapted to the particularities of each market within Latin America, based on our long-standing 35+ year track record.

  • Our passion for technology and innovation brought us to develop a new platform for measuring TV and radio audiences. Major clients are already profiting from these tools. Definitely, media planning has stopped being a "blind task".




Interpersonal trust among Latin Americans ...

How much do we trust each other?


File: Noviembre

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Jabits is a coincidental measuring platform measuring indicators of consumer habits in multiple macro categories and categories of ...

Category: Avance

File: Septiembre

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Our Team

StatMark's professional culture was built to perfectly meet our clients' expected high standards, in combination with the added value of local market expertise applied prior, during and post project development.

Statmedia is StatMark's user-friendly mass media audience measurement unit, covering large populations with quick finding turnaround



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